What should I wear ?

If it's your first time just wear gym shorts or tracksuit and a t-shirt.  We train bare foot so leave your shoes at the door.

Is it safe ?

Yes ! All drills are carried out under complete control of qualified instructors.  We practice a structured system that has been developed to be used by all ages and levels of experience. 

Do I need to be fit and flexible to do karate ?

No. Anyone can do karate ! From 5 to eighty, it doesn't matter.  As you progress your fitness will improve,as will your overall body conditioning.  All it takes is your willingness to get out there and give it a go !

What style of karate do you practice ?

We practice traditional Shotokan Karate, which was bought to mainland Japan by Master Gichin Funakoshi in 1922.

Can I keep my current grade if I have trained in karate before ?

Yes ! Karateka from another association will be assimilated at their current recorded grade.  After an appropriate time, determined by themselves and their dojo Sensei, they will be eligible to enter for their next grade.

What is the order of the belt colours ?

The colour of the belts get progressively darker as a student nears black belt







Purple and white


Brown and white

Brown and double white


What equipment do I need ?

A karate student will need a white gi (karate suit) to train in, which comes with a white belt.  We can order these at the club when you are ready, and provide you with a club badge.  You will also need a pair of hand mitts to protect your knuckles in sparring and when using focus pads.  Brown belt students will also require a gum shield.  All other equipment is provided at the dojo.